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RT @NadeemfParacha: A glimmer of hope. The curve slightly flattened after 2 days of lockdown. Let’s keep this up. Stay put, Sindh. #SindhGovernment #SindhLockdown

RT @BasheerOmarzai: @mjdawar Let’s stand shoulder by shoulder with each other and work for the unity. We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. @a_baittani @manzoorpashteen @mjdawar @sanaejaz2 @a_siab @Aliwazirna41 @PashtunTahafuz @jafarhaand @WrrangaLunri2 @MalikAchkJourno

RT @ianbremmer: RT @ianbremmer: Let’s be honest. It’s hurts to see China sending humanitarian aid to the US and Europe.

RT @NadeemfParacha: RT @NadeemfParacha: Boom! No need for a lockdown. Let’s just allow Covidiots to run a riot on social media and make us feel good. https:/…

RT @KhanAmerKhan: Viewers discretion is advised because Indians have crossed all the limits of human brutality . Let’s spread & expose Indians to international community for their brutality against innocent people. Share this video around the Globe. INDIAN STATE OF INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM. Shame😡

Hina Butt (pakistan) retweeted @javerias :

RT @javerias: RT @javerias: Let’s pray together for rain in Australia ◽◽ #PrayForAustralia

RT @Shahrya84781617: Honourable Justice Khosa and Justice Gulzar sb, plz decide this case and let’s help the innocent daughter to get the father’s title. Is Niazi Sadiq and Ameen ? Where is article 62 / 63 ?

@zkinuk Let’s not simplify it like that. If you understand what I said I can’t help you any more on that. Derive your own meanings. I am sure you know exactly what I am saying. Nothing more to add.

RT @AnamAdepar: Salute to this Courageous man ! It’s my case and only I will decide about it. Let’s see what government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will do with me now - Asif Zardari #WeStandWithAsifZardari

RT @DrPAhad: Let’s all reach out and HOLD SPACE for one another. 💔 Consciously create nonjudgmental, supportive, loving energy. Give full attention, listen & allow space for increased vulnerability so feelings can be shared. #SuicidePrevention #AcademicTwitter #phdchat #mentalhealth…