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RT @zainuddin_kakar: Lost cousin in yesterday's Quetta blast and brother is severely injured. We have paid and we are paying the price . Where is NAP ? @betterpakistan @MJibranNasir @a_siab @anwaar_kakar @alishahjourno @BBhuttoZardari @arsched @PakSarfrazbugti

RT @Majid_PSF: My young cousin Farhan Qadir Kalwar embraced Shahadat in yesterday's #PIAPlaneCrash - His Namaz e Janaza will be offered at 10:00 in Adilpur near Ghotki. Please recite Fateha for him. May Allah rest his soul in Jannah. Ameen #PK8303 #PlaneCrashed #PlaneCrashinKarachi

RT @Jhagra: The most important decision from yesterday's cabinet, the Pakhtunkhwa govt has committed 3% of its divisible pool funds to ex-FATA. FATA is too important a cause and our provincial govt will never compromise on its development. It is for the rest of the country to follow suit.

RT @majawadi: Who can heal this wound? Engineer Habib Rahimi graduated frm S. Africa was among yesterday's #kabulblast victims. 3 children left behind.

RT @TariqShaikhPPP: This Screening report is a slap on the face of all those who started giving there comments after yesterday's planted drama. MPA @Sharjeelps63 has been declared clean.Nothing suspicious was found in his blood test. @rawalsharjeel @SyedaShehlaRaza @shahidarehmani @sharmilafaruqi

RT @JaagAlerts: RT @JaagAlerts: #Breaking:Ch Nisar says yesterday's incident condemnable, will address MQM's concern, talk to Sindh govt, DG Rangers https:…

RT @JahangirKTareen: My thanks to all my voters who voted for PTI and gave my son Ali 87,000 votes . Yesterday's loss is a big lesson for us, lots of our voters did not come out to vote thinking it was an easy election. It’s a learning experience and we will come back stronger IA. The fight continues

RT @SamiraaSR: RT @SamiraaSR: After the sadness of yesterday's #Kabul attack, here is the other side of #Afghanistan not seen in your news.…

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

Yesterday's Jalsa is a proof how a party is popular in #NA120ForPMLN