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RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: @Steven_Woolfe We've only gone & blown the bloody doors off!!

RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: BBC To Host Leaders Debate With No Brexit Voices Weeks Before Referendum via @BreitbartNews

RT @AaronDGH82: @DavidCoburnUKip They have a habitual failure in Mrs May and her record is there for all to see,then the arrogance of that manifesto was the game changer.

RT @Holbornlolz: RT @Holbornlolz: LEST WE FORGET Jeremy Hunt calls for second referendum on terms of EU exit… via @telegraphnews

RT @rhia97eq: RT @rhia97eq: Many innocent Brits have been sent to other EU countries under EAW to wait in appalling prisons without good reason. https://…

RT @rhia97eq: RT @rhia97eq: Cameron got the 'maximum' from his renegotiation, Juncker warns�� via @MailOnline

RT @rhia97eq: RT @rhia97eq: @Nigel_Farage @DavidCoburnUKip it's been a pleasure! First time me or parents have voted on EU and we all voted OUT!

RT @SJonarp: @Coburn4Brexit @RogerHelmerMEP Agree or disagree with any employee of EU, when we leave, our contribution to those individuals pensions, as much as it erks me to support Mandelson, is the only contribution we should make, if any still owed.

RT @ChrisTyrimos: RT @ChrisTyrimos: @DavidCoburnUKip I agree. "You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately ... In the name of God, go!" Cr…