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RT @jeremycorbyn: I'm pleased to announce @DaniRowley as Labour's first Shadow Minister for Climate Justice and Green Jobs. Danielle will work closely with activists, including the youth strikers, to force the government to tackle the climate emergency.…

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Great to join @JanetDaby supporting #WidenWindrush The crisis did not just affect those who came to the UK from the Caribbean in the 50s and 60s, but their children and grandchildren are still struggling to prove their rights as well.

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Boris Johnson has doubled down on his racist & #Islamophobic comments about Muslim women. This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't let him off the hook @BrandonLewis. How long will you turn a blind eye to the vile racism of the man who wants to be Tory leader & Prime Minister?

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RT @UKLabour: The Tories have just overseen the biggest decline in the manufacturing industry for two decades. This is the fallout. #PMQs

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As a gay man, my life will be over if I'm deported to Kenya. I urge the Home Office for mercy | Ken Macharia Yet another shocking and inhumane case of the Home Office putting people at risk of persecution after they have sought safety here in the UK.…

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RT @ParisHayes_: We gathered at the birthplace of the TUC, In Manchester that’s represented by a bee, Until next time comrades when we meet again, But between then we must campaign. Solidarity Comrades! #NWYL2018 @Emily4Aberconwy @Afzal4Gorton @lara_eleanor

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@NazShahBfd @Telegraph @TheSun @Daily_Express @EHRC Will @BBCr4today cover this story tomorrow? It clearly disproves what @JamesCleverly said on the programme today. These councillors have made despicable, white supremacist remarks but the Conservative Party turns a blind eye and refuses to suspend them…

RT @SENDYorksnHumb: Manchester has joined the 25+ locations Please RT show your support and to reach #SEND parents / orgs @JamesFrith @RLong_Bailey @Debbie_abrahams @GwynneMP @lisanandy @Afzal4Gorton @AndyBurnhamGM…

RT @Afzal4Gorton: Tommy Robinson defeated in the North West in the European Parliament. The North West rejected Fascism and chose #HopeNotHate #EuropeanElection2019

Afzal Khan MP (EU) tweeted :

Excellent news that Tommy Robinson will not be representing the North West in the European Parliament. The politics of hatred has not won, the people of the North West have rejected Fascism and chosen to use their vote elsewhere