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RT @SophieintVeld: Our urgent cross-party message to the government leaders: migration solutions are on the table, now let’s adopt them! @RobertaMetsola @GreenJeanMEP @CeciliaWikstrom @sylvieguillaume @tfajon @NiedermullerMEP…

Tanja Fajon (EU) retweeted @UTuttlies :

RT @UTuttlies: Vielen Dank #hamburg! Thank you all who joined our #EuropeTogether event today! Your contributions matter & let’s continue together our journey across Europe for a fairer future for all! Einen schönen Abend 😊🇪🇺

Tanja Fajon (EU) tweeted :

‘How to contribute to form the governemnt in this country? Let’s see first which are the contents we can compliment?’ @MartinSchulz to @spdde #spdbpt2017 ‘We need to strengthen Germany&Europe!’ #applaude

RT @TheProgressives: No tradition or religious belief could every justify such blatant violation of women & girls’ integrity. Let’s pursue our efforts to #EndFGM