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RT @HilkoPert: RT @HilkoPert: @brexitcountdow1 @Coburn4Brexit We want NEXIT we are jealous be happy!!

RT @NorfolkGTI: RT @NorfolkGTI: .@SkyNews are fucking incensed with Boris Johnson snubbing their TV debate. Iv'e never seen their staff so rattled.

RT @PatriotesJeunes: RT @PatriotesJeunes: @f_philippot visite aujourd’hui le salon du Made in France◽◽

RT @PatriotesJeunes: 📣📆 Déjeuner-débat à Colombey-les-deux-églises le 09/11 prochain, avec @f_philippot, @MireilledOrnano et notre ami britannique @DavidCoburnUKip ! 🚌 Plusieurs départs en car sont prévus mais les places sont limitées. 📩 Infos et inscription à

RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: @DavidCoburnUKip Then you're a political coward for not campaigning for issues that really worry people. UKIP can't compete with the main parties on NHS etc

RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: Join me and @UKIP Deputy Leader @paulnuttallukip in Heywood this Sunday for an action day!… htt…

RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: @DavidCoburnUKip Muslims believe in or follow Islam Jihadis are Islamist extremists who also believe in or follow Islam ergo they're Muslims i.e. not Jews eg

RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: A picture that speaks a thousand words

RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: Revealed: Theresa May Secretly Met Billionaire Branson As He Plotted To Crush Brexit Vote via…