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Johannes Hahn (unknown) tweeted :

Good meeting w/ PM @GakhariaGiorgi and FM @DZalkaliani. Reaffirmed good #EU-#Georgia relations, demonstrated e.g. by joint project of #EuropeanSchool. We had also a frank discussion about challenges one year ahead the #elections, especially in areas judiciary + #mediapluralism.

Johannes Hahn (unknown) tweeted :

Good meeting with PM

Violeta Bulc (EU) tweeted :

A historic day for Slovenian 🇸🇮 cycling. Congrats to @rogla for winning the #LaVuelta19 race and to @TamauPongi for the excellent 3rd place. Bravo, we are so proud of you both. #Slovenia👏👏🚴‍♂️

RT @moeuetunisie19: Démarrage de l'élection présidentielle: les 100 observateurs de la @moeuetunisie19 de l'#UE étaient présents ce matin à…

RT @EC_AVService: Press conference by VP @MarosSefcovic and Commissioner @MAC_europa on the EU’s preparations for the @UNClimateSummit🌏| V…

RT @USAmbEU: Always a pleasure seeing my old friend VP @MarosSefcovic. We talked about shared U.S. and #EU goals in the energy sector—inclu…

Violeta Bulc (EU) tweeted :
Phil Hogan (EU) tweeted :

The incoming @EU_Commission matchday panel. Everyone ready to tog our for their @Europarl_EN hearings! 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺

Tibor Navracsics (EU) tweeted :

Creating new opportunities for young people has been a priority of my mandate. Initiatives like #EUSolidarityCorps have big role to play in empowering #youth & enabling them to learn and help build a more cohesive, caring society. Find out more:… #EUandMe

Carlos Moedas (EU) tweeted :

A minha coluna de opinião #VentoSuão @Cmjornal : ➡️ a Comissão europeia de @vonderleyden ⬆️ #Galileo ⬇️ 🇵🇹 com maior carga fiscal de acordo com @oecd 🔢 137 mil milhões € de fraude ao IVA ℹ️ #UE maior exportador mundial de produtos agrícolas ↗️ a 🇪🇺 e as alterações climáticas