All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @boblister_poole: Change UK MPs may join Lib Dems They Should All Be Deselected By Their Leave Majority Constituents. Let’s Have Some By Elections! #TheBrexitParty Nic Darke For Wollaston’s Constituency!…

RT @EU_Commission: 🌊 On #WorldOceansDay let’s dive deep into protecting them. We have introduced ambitious measures to tackle marine litter, over-fishing and pollution. Find out more →!xg64Rc

Lord Kirkhope (EU) tweeted :

@GylesB1 Well that’s a photo of the banquet. Now let’s see a photo of the refreshments in Shelby Town Hall!

RT @Brexit_WestMids: West Midlands Citizens show your support for #TheBrexitParty ! Let’s #ChangePoliticsForGood ! We’re #fightingback ! Retweet ! Thank you 👍 for your support @Brexit_WestMids 😀

RT @JamesDelingpole: RT @JamesDelingpole: I’m thinking that any solution that says ‘let’s get @AmberRuddHR on board’ isn’t really a solution but a continuation…

RT @TheGreenParty: Let’s make sure we take this incredible #greenwave into the #EuropeanElections2019 Register to vote by 7th May and make sure your voice is heard as loudly as possible…

RT @fiachramcg: This is SDLP member Kevin Breslin who has messaged myself this week now standing outside Brooke park. Let’s get out and vote for Sinn Fein today, a party that will fight tirelessly for Our Rights, Equality and Irish Unity.

RT @AminaJMohammed: Let’s treat the earth 🌍 better. A clean environment is not a luxury. It is a right, and it is a massive opportunity for sustainable development. Join the millions determined to take #ClimateAction & protect the planet #EarthDay #GlobalGoals

RT @SamCoatesTimes: RT @SamCoatesTimes: So I’m told 26 ministers considering voting for a customs union, assuming free vote outside cabinet Let’s see ◽