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Lid Europees Parlement voor het CDA - #EP2019 CDA plek 2 - Limburgse Europeaan uit Stramproy, houdt van voetbal, muziek en theater


Für Bündnis C (@BuendnisCinfo) Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments. In seinem Amt setzt er den Mensch in den Mittelpunkt. #EP2019 @ECPM_official @ecrgroup

RT @JamesMelville: European Elections: UK: Remain parties: 40.4% Hard Brexit parties: 34.9% Conservatives/Labour: 23.2% #EP2019   #Brexit #EuropeanElections2019 #EUelections2019

RT @GoodwinMJ: Britain now moves into a parliamentary by-election in Peterborough: The result of #ep2019 there: #Brexit Party 38.3% (+38.3) Labour 17.2% (-7.9) Liberal Democrat 15.4% (+10.9) Conservative 10.9% (-14.7) Green 10.8% (+5.1) UKIP 3.6% (-29.9) (change since 2014)

RT @ManfredWeber: It’s done. Please go to the voting polls & make use of your right to vote. Europe counts on you. #EP2019 #EUelections2019 #ThisTimeImVoting #ThePowerOfWE

Claude Moraes (unknown) tweeted :

On @LBC Radio at 10pm to talk about the clear decision today of the Govt that the UK will participate in the #EP2019 on May 23.

RT @cem_oezdemir: RT @cem_oezdemir: Europa. Die beste Idee, die Europa je hatte! ◽◽ @die_gruenen #EP2019

RT @IrexitFreedom: For the first time in many years voters will have a real choice in #EP2019 The continued destruction of Irish sovereignty or a vote for #Irishfreedom . Let's put Irish interests first.@hermannkelly Number 1 #kelly4dublin

RT @GoodwinMJ: New #EP2019 UK poll puts UKIP + Brexit Party on a combined 29% One will probably need to eliminate the other to top the elections

Marija Lugarić (unknown) tweeted :

Ok, # #epelections2019 i #ep2019 se pojavi poseban emotikon :)