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RT @David__Osland: The Labour left should put yesterday's unpleasantness behind them and help Starmer deliver on his key goal of working constructively with this government in the national interest

6/ Smoke and mirrors once more. Everyone knows that yesterday's main news was about exam pass rates, yet the SNP make no comment on their current record low levels. Instead they try and divert your attention.

Bill Bowman MSP (unknown) tweeted :

Yesterday's health figures showed that 2/3 of children in NHS Tayside are forced to wait longer than the 18 week standard for mental health treatment. The SNP's NHS staffing crisis has directly affected these shocking figures. The SNP need to get a grip of it now.

RT @_ericblanc: 📢 If the mainstream media was not owned by billionaires, you would have seen coverage of yesterday's massive general strike in France against pension cuts. This is what Paris looked like.

RT @adamgarriereal: If you missed yesterday's Mother of All Talk Shows With @georgegalloway, you can catch up with the full episode here…

Nupur Sharma (unknown) retweeted @ANI :

RT @ANI: As a precautionary measure following yesterday's protests, Delhi Traffic Police has closed traffic movement from Sarita Vihar to Kalindi Kunj, road no. 13A.

RT @adamgarriereal: If you missed yesterday's #MOATS with @georgegalloway, it is all here. Lots on Brexit and yes, we very much mentioned the war…

RT @adamgarriereal: Liberals want to fight impossible wars with yesterday's weapons. Duterte intends to fight the REAL enemy (narco-terrorists/Daesh) and do so with modern technology geared towards domestic security rather than the fantastical dreams of corrupt politicians…

Lois Brown (unknown) tweeted :

Thank you to all the voters in Newmarket Aurora who voted for me in yesterday's election. - I appreciate the confidence you had in my ability to represent you in Ottawa. While it is not the outcome we had hoped for in this constituency, we ran an ethical, outstanding campaign.

RT @TaylorCCI: Debate in yesterday's UK House of Commons: medical cannabis access still limited and prescriptions few and far between.…