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RT @Roger_Da_Costa: Britain used to conduct 12% of the clinical trials in the world. Now it is only 1%. What happened? The EU's Clinical Trials Directive. #BBCQT

RT @MoggMentum: RT @MoggMentum: 'We won't be rule-taker!' Rees-Mogg DESTROYS EU's 'vassal state' transition period plans… #MoggMent…

RT @Change_Britain: If the PM's Bad Deal and its backstop are approved, we would in future need the EU's permission if we wanted to leave the customs union and take back control of our trade.

RT @DExEUgov: RT @DExEUgov: How our new approach that meets the EU's guiding principles.

RT @BrexitCentral: RT @BrexitCentral: EU's Barnier: We want an ambitious trade deal that respects the UK's red lines

RT @REPman20260: RT @REPman20260: @DCBMEP @juliegirling Appointing Verhofstadt, will be the EU's undoing.

RT @Brexit_Newz: RT @Brexit_Newz: U.K.'s May Seeks Assurances in Meeting With EU's Tusk

RT @consforbritain: RT @consforbritain: 'Migrant crisis could trigger Brexit, fears EU's Tusk' via @Telegraph

RT @consforbritain: RT @consforbritain: 'Prime Ministers listen too much to voters, complains EU's Juncker' via @TelegraphNews…

RT @consforbritain: RT @consforbritain: 'Terrorists entering Europe because of porous borders may be undetectable, EU's own border agency admits' @Telegraph ht…