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RT @SamCoatesTimes: RT @SamCoatesTimes: So I’m told 26 ministers considering voting for a customs union, assuming free vote outside cabinet Let’s see ◽

RT @StandUp4Brexit: We welcome @theresa_may’s assurances today. Let’s carry on full speed ahead with #ManagedNoDeal planning and get a fresh negotiating team in place ready for when the EU decide they want to come back to the table. #StandUp4Brexit

RT @Imamofpeace: RT @Imamofpeace: Let’s not forget the words of the Grand Mufti of Syria in 2011.

RT @daily_politics: RT @daily_politics: “Let’s stop messing around with all these other issues,” says Iain Duncan Smith on the Brexit negotiations #bbcsp https…

@LeaveMnsLeave @TiceRichard Let’s now start a debate on what to replace @UKHouseofLords with. Fully ejected or 80/20 elected/appointed? How to ensure sufficient quality of candidates? Should there be term limits? When can we enact these reforms? #reformtheLords