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Former EU Climate Action and Energy Commissioner


EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

Ivana Maletic (EU) tweeted :

Our @EUauditors review on financial crisis for which I was responsible is out today. We took stock of #EU responses to the last crisis and flagged up remaining challenges, risks and policy gaps. These lessons learnt are important for strong and well targeted reaction to #COVID19

Ivana Maletic (EU) tweeted :

[Q&A on RRF] What is the #RRF and why has the EU established it? The #RRF was developed to encourage Member States' recovery after #COVID19 and strenghten their resilience. It consists of €335 billion in grants and up to €268 billion in loans. Read more:

Carlos Zorrinho (EU) retweeted @epc_eu :

RT @epc_eu: The EU is a global power that is able to offer to #Africa and other strategic partners with a strategy based on interdependence, says @czorrinho at @epc_eu dialogue on the EU-Africa partnership.

Artis Pabriks (EU) retweeted @NinaDSchick :

RT @NinaDSchick: I'm an EU citizen: 1. Yrs lived in UK: 12 2. Benefits claimed: £0 3. Degrees paid for: 2 4. Taxes paid: a lot £ *UK Residency rejected…

Michel Reimon (EU) tweeted :

Nix los im Chat. Heute gab es wieder keine relevante Wortmeldung zum Verhältnix von Österreich und der EU.

Hans Jansen (EU) retweeted @66Norweger66 :

RT @66Norweger66: Das ist die neue #EU Unterdrückungs Armee #Gelbwesten-Festnahmen in Brüssel! Leider werden durch andere Demonstraten die auf Gewalt aus sind. Werden bei Friedlichen Demonstraten auch Hart durchgegriffen. #Brüssel #Europa #Frankreich #GiletsJaunes #Deutschland #Macron #Merkel

Hans Jansen (EU) retweeted @paul2jasper :

RT @paul2jasper: Bono having avoided paying taxes in the EU for a long time and hence also having no stake in the EU budget makes him even more credible! #nostakes #ParadisePapers…

Hans Jansen (EU) retweeted @Kamp19651 :

RT @Kamp19651: @NiemandsKnegt Uw kommentaar ? Eu, vrij om te zeggen wat je wilt , toch ? @TimmermansEU @judithineuropa @SophieintVeld @guyverhofstadt Of toch niet ?

RT @RenewEurope: China is using forced Uighur labour to produce face masks and continues its crackdown on #HongKong. We urgently need an EU Magnitsky Act to sanction the leaders of these human rights violations. Read our letter to @JosepBorrellF 👇

Carlos Zorrinho (EU) tweeted :

Eu sei que há coisas bem mais importantes, mas custa tanto ver o #SCP jogar em ritmo de treino, como se este jogo não pudesse fechar com honra uma época e lançar outra com mais condições.