All deleted tweets from politicians

If you care about aged care on the Gold Coast, come to our rally at midday TODAY. Let’s send a message to the Morrison Govt that we need action now.

Carol Brown (australia) tweeted :

The Liberals aren’t fair on taxation, let’s vote them out. #Auspol #politas

A robust democracy requires & expects more than the ability to voice an opinion. Let’s start with #goodgovernment #fairness #equality #respect #auspol

Nick McKim (australia) tweeted :

Huge turnout in Hobart for Council’s public meeting on hight limits for Hobart. Let’s look after our beautiful city for residents and visitors alike! #hobartnothighrise

Some great local work being done by @c_otoole, State MPs and Council. Let’s not forget Townsville when the recovery begins.

Carol Brown (australia) tweeted :

The team at Ulverstone South going strong for Justine Keay @AustralianLabor candidate for Braddon. Let’s bring it home for Justine.

Carol Brown (australia) tweeted :

Let’s not forget Brett Whiteley view on #medicare (14/01/15) #Vote 1 for @AustralianLabor candidate @justinekeay #standingupforbraddon

Let’s make sure this long overdue apology marks the beginning of a new relationship #justice #apology #NAIDOC18 #auspol

Let’s be clear - @AndrewGaze10 is exactly right. This is on the NBL’s head - the league needs to sort this with the broadcasters. Coaches shouldn’t be worried about microphones during time outs.

Congratulations @DanielAndrewsMP I am so proud to be Labor. Let’s get #treaty done in Victoria and across our nation #justice #FirstNationsPeople #treaty #auspol #timeisnow…