All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @terischultz: .@osce_odihr monitors in #Turkey say "procedures were generally followed" in yesterday's vote though Erdogan & AKP enjoy"an undue advantage, incl in "excessive coverage by government-affiliated public & private media outlets." (W/journalists & human rights activists in jail.)

RT @AlexKokcharov: #Putin's yesterday's annual address can be summaries as: 1) Confirmed inability to deal with the issues of economy, despite being in power for 18 years. 2) Confirmed #Russia's external assertiveness which is mostly for show (including using fake visuals):…

RT @KevinRothrock: RT @KevinRothrock: Full text of yesterday's show:… (P.S. God bless @EchoMskRu's transcribers)

RT @AlexKokcharov: RT @AlexKokcharov: Video of yesterday's #protest in #Minsk, #Belarus against #Zapad2017 exercises Via @svaboda