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RT @BrianWhittle: @Douglas4Moray is the person to take the fight to the SNP in next year’s Holyrood Elections having taken them on and beaten them twice already. It’s time to put aside the devisive Nationalist rhetoric and plan for Scotland’s future. He has my full support

RT @DefraGovUK: Can you help farmers bring in this year’s harvest of British fruit and vegetables? 🥕🍎 Students or people who have been furloughed from their jobs due to #coronavirus can take on seasonal work to earn extra money. 👉 📷@NFUtweets #PickforBritain

RT @Jackson_Carlaw: The SNP are needlessly delaying a crucial education review. Delaying this report until days after next year’s Holyrood election is far more to do with politics than COVID-19. Scottish Education used to be the envy of the world, no longer under the SNP.…