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Former EU Climate Action and Energy Commissioner


EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

RT @KingdomFMNews: The Speaker of the House of Commons has blocked Theresa May's EU withdrawal deal from being voted on again as it is. Hear more about this at 4pm with @LeePirie 📻📻

Hans Jansen (EU) retweeted @DianeJamesMEP :

RT @DianeJamesMEP: "Poland has vowed to protect Hungary against #EU sanctions, one day after the Polish president belittled Europe in a speech." Brussels ain't going to like that.

RT @KingdomFMNews: RT @KingdomFMNews: Fife 'needs EU migrants seasonal workers' for farms…

RT @KingdomFMNews: RT @KingdomFMNews: MPs including @StephenGethins supporting @EilidhWhiteford bid to ratify EU domestic violence laws:…

RT @KingdomFMNews: RT @KingdomFMNews: The UK's credit rating has been downgraded by two levels by Standard and Poor's following the vote to leave the EU.

RT @KingdomFMNews: RT @KingdomFMNews: John Edward gets a big applause at #sgpconf arguing that humanitarian crisis is best dealt with by staying in EU https:/…

RT @KingdomFMNews: RT @KingdomFMNews: Most Scots want to stay in EU according to new poll, welcomed by Fife's @StephenGethins… https://…

RT @DianeJamesMEP: RT @DianeJamesMEP: Great to see some quality thinking on post-#Brexit EU Migration from @migrationwatch. Pity it's not from the Govt http…

RT @Unlocked_UK_: Is the EU about to collapse? Tune into Brexit @Unlocked_UK_ Friday 5pm, exclusively on @Daily_Express Facebook: * Bombshell news as 55% of Dutch & 52% French want to Leave the EU *Is Quitaly next? with @BelindadeLucy @BrexitAlex @CH_Gallois @Rob_Roos

RT @ErikaOhlsson2: M la ner sina röster i EU-parlamentet & skuldsätter svenska skattebetalare i generationer framöver Vårt land slits sönder av regeringens ideologiska maktutövning & vi har ingen opposition som stoppar Hur känns det att EU-parlamentariker får ca 100k/mån för att skuldsätta dig?