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Caroline Lucas (Green) tweeted :

Caroline Lucas MP: The Amazon rainforest must not be sacrificed on the altar of free trade with Europe |…

The greatest diplomatic, economic and cultural achievement of post-war Europe that has helped underpin the peace we all take for granted, to stolen from us by a referendum built on lies and deceit. Scotland needs out of this wreck.…

Marie Lebec (france) tweeted :

Beau retour sur le projet #Ariane, succès industriel européen initié par la France. L'#Europe unit face à la concurrence internationale !

Damien Moore MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

'Out of the EU, but still in Europe.' I was very happy to spend the morning with the Luxembourg ambassador, Jean Olinger. With founding the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Luxembourg, I want to help create a new post-Brexit relationship with this important European ally.

Damien Moore MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Although we are leaving the EU, we will still be in Europe, and need to create a new relationship with our allies after Brexit. I had a good discussion about this with @Xavier_Bettel, the Luxembourg Prime Minister, last week.

Mireille Clapot (france) tweeted :

Ce plan, unique en Europe, représente un défi inédit. Ce n’est plus un pari, c’est une réalité industrielle sur laquelle nous travaillons. #THD @EPhilippePM @cedric_o @AgenceNumerique

Johannes Hahn (unknown) tweeted :

Happy to have contributed to this wonderful project: take a look at the #Africa-#Europe Cookbook which has just been released. A tasty way of bringing people & cultures together! ➡️ @EUtoAU @EU_Commission @AbdoulayeDiop8

Άρθρο μου στο New Europe για τις προγραμματικές δηλώσεις του Πρωθυπουργού.…

Neven Mimica (EU) tweeted :

Look at this Africa-Europe Cookbook. Bringing people closer together around food. This is also what the #AUEU partnership is about! Bon appétit! ➡️ @EUtoAU @EU_Commission