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Ancien député. #Bruxelles #Benelux #Paris #Europe #transfrontalier #handicap #rugby #vinsnaturels

RT @itosettiMD_MBA: @_MiguelHernan @samhorwich In line with many of the hardest hit cities in Europe. Geneva serology study = 10%. Herd immunity is a crazy idea with this virus. I don't know why people are still even talking about it, all serology studies show it would mean carnage.

RT @LauraLundahl: Two 20 year olds from my village in Senegal wanted to go to Europe. They were two of the best educated in a town of no economic hope. They’d tried to move to France legally but there were no routes. They spent a lot of money to get to Libya/on a boat. I went to their funerals.…

RT @UkrInDK: RT @UkrInDK: German MP @RKiesewetter: Russia's president Putin threatens cohesion of Europe…

RT @DarrenPlymouth: Victor Orban calls it as it is, a forbidden heresy in Europe. "this is a well organised invasion by organised military age men" 90,000 of them. "The flowers and stuffed Teddy bears are not helpful"

RT @LewisFeilder: "I've always opposed the development of free market economics in Europe." Let's just think about that. He has happily opposed the system that has drastically improved the living standards of millions in democracies across Europe, in favour of the system that went before.

RT @AndyEMorrison: RT @AndyEMorrison: Friend of mine: ‘With Stevie G at the helm, we’ll be in Europe longer than Britain’ Take a bow! ◽◽◽

RT @_carloscam_: ⚪ @vestager: "Europe is still the best place in the world to live, especially if you are a woman; and we are an integrated part of that achievement". "Europe is founded upon our liberal values" #ALDECongress

RT @ayshajkhan_: Ok now nobody likes You Israel not middle east or South Asia or south east, China, not even Europe, imposed by force with side kick USA and now you wanna be in gulf? In your dreams, how does it feel to be so unwanted & unpopular? @IsraelintheGulf #IsraeliCrimes #Israel

RT @habitus_9380: RT @habitus_9380: After 18, I sponsor him in Europe.…

RT @WandaNowicka: Dear SG of Council of Europe @MarijaPBuric. Thank you for defending rights of Polish women and opposing withdrawal from the Anti-Violence Conv. As a MP of the Polish Left Party @__Lewica I hope you could visit Poland to meet with us to discuss the situation. @tvn24 @PolsatNewsPL