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Labour & Co-op Member of Parliament for Nottingham North| Shadow Minister @LabourDfid| Opposition Whip. If you don’t turn this up it’s no fun...

I agree. The award should be striped and the Council needs to review how they make these decisions. It’s a reflection on all Australians and the values we hold dear.

RT @freespeech318: The tide is turning for’s almost like someone might be out to dig the dirt on him ..... watch this space 🤔 #TheBorisFactor 😉😆

RT @BBCNewsnight: “It took six years to do the negotiations… another three to get that ratified… it’s a long, tough, frustrating process that took 10 years for Canada”. Fmr Canadian PM director of comms @AGMacDougall says the UK doesn’t have a clear vision for their negotiations #Newsnight

RT @TraceyKent: Dear Americans, As a Canadian, having govt healthcare is a burden lifted. It’s not perfect, but it relieves the stress of absolute financial disaster should medical problems arise. Don’t fear it. It’s not communism. It creates a non-stressed populace

Mzwandile Masina (ANC) tweeted :

It’s Josie I g in our lifetime. Changing the face of our townships - starting with be biggest in the city @votfm_876 @TembisaNews @City_Ekurhuleni

RT @Luke_FoleyNSW: Mid April It’s 34 degrees across Sydney I’ll air condition thousands of classrooms @GladysB will air condition the corporate boxes in her new stadiums #schoolsb4stadiums

RT @DavidWilletts3: RT @DavidWilletts3: Because people don’t live in the sky....and it’s amongst people that wars are won and lost…

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RT @acoyne: “Natural gas is less intrusive than oil,” Ms. George said. “It’s disheartening... Protesters should ask our people who are out of work what they think. As a Wet’suwet’en matriarch, I’m embarrassed, because there are two sides to the story."…

RT @TerryGlavin: “I want the world to know what’s been happening to us. We are being bullied, it’s so shameful, so hurtful. We are being humiliated... It hurts me to see them wearing regalia in the snow and mud and marching in the cities." An unfashionable standpoint:…

RT @jujuchi: “It’s truly time to retire the misogynist trope that angry men are powerful, yet angry women are unhinged. It’s such gaslighting nonsense. You SHOULD be mad at abuse of power” 🙌💜✊