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Ana Gomes, MEP (EU) retweeted @ECPMF :

RT @ECPMF: .@AnaGomesMEP at #NEWSOCRACY #ECPMF18: "We need a kind of European #BBC!"

RT @activedan: Well done to @NChildersMEP and the @TheProgressives for organising the #newsocracy event - Sorry I'm missing it. Looks amaz…

RT @amomcnally: Re #moriarty reporting INM titles were be far more likely to focus on #Lowry rather than Denis O'Brien #newsocracy

RT @FuzionPRIreland: #newsocracy is now trending!!! Check out what all the fuss is about @NChildersMEP

Nessa Childers MEP (EU) retweeted @ECPMF :

RT @ECPMF: Seamus Dooley: 'Libel laws are open to all. Well so is the Ritz. But you need very deep pockets' #newsocracy #ECPMF

Nessa Childers MEP (EU) tweeted :

Our 2nd speaker @seamuscoffey Ownership matters because media matters - Shapes democracy & forms our thinking #newsocracy